Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you accept residents with Alzheimer's or other memory issues?

    We asses the level of care required with each potential resident and determine if we can accommodate their needs both at their current level and during their progression. If not, we are well equipped to assist you in finding the right fit somewhere else. 

Are you affiliated with a Church or Religion?

    We are a non-affiliated business, but support all religions and spiritual beliefs in our home. We also encourage our residents to stay connected with their congregations and support their active participation with the religious community of their choice. Many of our residents attend nearby worship services.

What if our loved one needs more care than you can provide?

     August Estates is designed to be a resident's permanent home. We can even accommodate Hospice care, if that is the family's wish. If a resident's physician and family determine the needs of one of our residents has exceeded the scope of our care, we will help to find the next step for them. We have several resources and contacts in the elder care community representing all levels of care and will ensure your family finds the right one.

What's the next step?

     If you haven't already scheduled a visit to our home, please do so. There you'll meet our staff, get a sense of the daily life of our residents, and of the high quality of life we provide. Email us at or call 919-249-8553