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Gardening at August Estates

One of our top priorities at August Estates is finding and making available activities that our residents love. This helps to gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment so crucial to enriching our lives. Not only does this brighten our resident's days, but we can see improvements in behavior and cognitive function, in some cases exceeding physician's expectations and prognosis. We're proud to put these principles front and center in our work. We think it should be the future of elder care in this country.

So many elders are at higher risk of loneliness and boredom because of decreased opportunities for engagement and socialization and this can damage an individual's sense of belonging. By making these engaging activities available and discovering the particular loves of each person, we can halt, and even reverse, these three detrimental plagues of the elderly: Loneliness, Helplessness, and Boredom.

Gardening at August Estates, staff

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